Zimbie's Reverie

Finally Carrie lets me off of the drawing board..she's been having too much fun painting, playing and generally fooling around to let me out. I started pestering her so we can hang out together.

Firstly I miss you guys and secondly I do understand that we all need to play and we have to encourage this sort of behavior but jeeze I've got to get out and about too!

While I've had so much time to my self I've been watching my mind. It's pretty entertaining in there. Thankfully it's getting much more quiet lately and giving me some space to just be without a lot of chatter. It's a relief to be honest!

Anyhow, I was asking my mind about mindfulness. What is a mindful mind? My mind says it's a quiet awareness, a being present in the moment but I'm not so sure. If I have quiet awareness my mind isn't involved and it doesn't think about being aware. It doesn't think about anything. Why is it mindfulness when it's an empty mind? My mind is not full it's spacious, expanded and I don't feel separate from anything like you do when your mind is full. I think I like the term empty headed. It's taken on a whole new meaning in my world.