Zimbie's Reverie

I woke up this morning thinking about love, how we love and why we love. ....and how when we let go of need and attachment love gets really big.

When we are content with ourselves there are no limitations. When we let ourselves love big there is a lot of freedom for growth and creativity.

I think many of us love children that way. Love them just as they are. See them perfect in all the messiness of growing up. I wonder why we don't allow space for all that messiness in adults. To be honest I'm not really clear what growing up means. Hopefully we never stop growing. It all a process, fun, hard, sticky, sad, joyful, darn interesting and always changing.

I really like the idea of letting loose of all my expectations, limitations and preconceived believes about what love should be and making room for love be everything it wants to be.