Zimbie's Reverie

The ability to perceive the passage of time is considered one of our senses. So of course this only encourages me to play with it. If we think of time as a fixed measure one option is to manipulate our sense of time. For example if you're driving down the road and your concerned about being late and your body starts to tense up. You may start to feel anxious and stressed out it's a perfect opportunity to stretch time and your perception of time.

This is how I do it. I take a deep breath and let my shoulders drop down. I start observing the scenery as I'm driving along and take in the beauty of it. I imagine the area all around me expanding and push out my personal space. Then I push out the time space seeing it make room for my travels. All this makes me feel relaxed and joyful. I feel a peacefulness settle my mind and body. By the time I get to where I'm going I'm either on time, the situation has shifted and it doesn't matter if I'm a little late or I'm in such a good mood everyone is happy to see me. It all works!

I have to confess though sometimes I loose track of time altogether. If I'm painting, reading, sculpting, wondering around the woods, mountains, desert or ocean time doesn't exist at all. That's why it's helpful to find these little time management tricks!