Zimbie's Reverie

Sometimes I get curious about how we humans experience ourselves. I was imagining connecting up with the very center of the Earth. All of the sudden I felt this shift - a movement in the Earth and got an odd sense of how to orient myself on the planet. It was kind of a weird feeling.

So I started digging around and found some interesting articles on how humans may have sensors similar to birds and other animals or fish that can recognize the Earths magnetic field. It's called Magnetoreception. This helps turtles find their way in the ocean or birds orient themselves as they travel. Some scientists think we may have this ability too, a lost sense. They think there may be magnetite particles in the body or sensors called cryptochrome in the protein in our eyes.

This lead to further articles on how many senses we do have - many more than the five we usually consider. They estimate we have between 22 and 33 senses. It's kind of fun to walk around imagining how you are relating to the Earth, plants, animals and people in so may ways we have no conscience awareness of. Don't you wonder what is possible if we utilized all these senses with full awareness?