Zimbie's Reverie

Okay, I've got a little question for you. Carrie asked Charley if he ever goes inside and regulates his body. He looked at her like she was crazy. She said what, why are you looking at me like that and he laughs and replies your the only person who would ask me that question! And no he doesn't.

Carrie and I thought everyone did that - we've always done it, even as a little kids. Well I'm wondering if you go in and talk to your body. Here's an example. Carrie's sciatica is acting up. She goes into her brain travels down her spine and out with the nerve that goes through the piriformis muscle in her body. Then she asks that muscle to chill out and relax let the nerve pass through and be happy hanging out down her leg. Well everyone inside there feels so much better and starts talking to each and they all get along with one another and they stop being such a pain in the butt. So that's it, she goes inside and regulates her body, do you ever do that kind of thing? Just wondering.....

Sometimes things get out of control and Carrie's body starts doing stuff that's not in her best interests and she has to be really firm but gentle until they come to a mutual understanding. There has certainly been times when they do a lot of talking! Bodies can be very stubborn