Zimbie's Reverie

Home is the place on the earth where your essence got scooped up formed and created. Home can sneak up on you when you least expect it. For me this week it came in a photograph a friend sent while traveling. It brought me to tears, my heart swelling up with remembering and a deep love and respect for that sacred land. I was so happy this beautiful part of the planet shared itself in all it's glory as they explored the southwest. Through the picture I could feel the rich red dirt in my bones. I could smell the sage and cedar in my skin. I could feel the deep blue vast sky in my heart and mind. The open space there stops all thoughts and sends me soaring.

Some people know where home is and it's one single place they would never leave.  Some of us are gathered from many places. I love Maine and it is my home. But man do I love it out west! It just snuck up on me and said it's time for you to come and see me. I haven't spent much time there in many years. I'm thinking road trip!