Zimbie's Reverie

Today standing in the grocery store line watching all the people made me think about how fortunate we are here to have so many wonderful foods available to us. I waited there looking at beautiful fruits and vegetables piled up in my cart. It made me think of all the people that made this possible. The farmers, the pickers, the truck drivers, the store workers stocking the shelves, bagging our groceries, taking our money in exchange. I thought of the plants I eat and feel grateful for their gifts to us nutrition, taste, the shear beauty of them so colorful, stacked up like jewels on the counters.

We take so much for granted. All the effort to get a single carrot to our table. The plants themselves a living thing casually plunked in our mouths and heartily chewed up often without any appreciation. Some of the people in line were impatient. When they got to the cash register they threw the food on the counter harshly and were rude to the workers. Some people were kind and cheerful when their time came, they smiled made the exchange and went on their way happily.  This was my lesson today, to take care, to be appreciative of this lovely food and the people who made it possible.