Zimbie's Reverie

This morning when I woke up the rain was gently falling on the snow. Up from the earth the fog monsters lifted their wispy arms reaching for the new day. Raising massive heads they stretched skyward as the sun rose. As each monster stood they hugged one another until everywhere you looked the air was filled with fog hugging monsters joyful to be released from their snowy prison.

They are gentle creatures and love to wrap themselves around you when you walk or drive imparting mysterious fog wisdom into your mind. Slow down, enjoy what's around you and see its beauty, they say, when opportunities arise come out of your restraints, hug and love your companions, life is short and beautiful live every minute of it. The fog monsters lured me to the beach to play today, they came home with me to share my lunch. They drifted across the road and in the sun set on my way to class turning the sky pink and yellow. It was a lovely day today.