Zimbie's Reverie

Let's talk about time again. Okay, I'll admit it, I'm still fixated! What do you think about not enough time and making time? Why is there not enough time when all we have to do is make it? Here are three recipes I've concocted for myself. Share yours if you have some good ones we can use!

First Recipe:

-One good nights sleep.

-One change in attitude.

-One deep breath.

Each can do wonders individually but when mixed together a complete shift in time occurs and you can accomplish amazing things in no time at all.

 Second Recipe:

-A fun day in the sun.

-Lunch with a friend.

-A good belly laugh.

This is a fabulous combination to get a time reset. When done frequently you will soon realize your endeavors in laughter, food and sun create an abundance of time because you're having too much fun to notice time exists. (Which really, when we're honest with ourselves, probably doesn't exist anyhow. All there truly is is now. I think we just made time up and can mess with it all we want. But that's another discussion, for another time, if there is time.)

 Third Recipe:

-Create something. It's best if it's something that sings in your heart. It might be writing, painting, dance, cooking, a kindness, music....

-Share it with someone, even if it's with yourself.  No hiding it away for later.


This combination opens up the time portal for further exploration and invites the little sparks of inspiration for creativity to come in. They in turn create time because they need to be expressed.