Zimbie's Reverie

Today driving to work I tried a mind chatter experiment. I felt cranky and and caught myself obsessing in my thoughts. So I decided to say everything out loud because there was no one in the car to hear how ridicules I sound. I found that I'd say something then argue with myself, then question who was saying all this nonsense, and finally wonder who all these people inside my head are making me cranky. Well, I got sick of all that noise and just got quiet. Just witnessing the beautiful trees. Whoa, that's nice. More quiet, seeing what a lovely day it is. Then some chatter stuff. Quiet again, noticing again, ah some space in my mind. Wow, that so nice! Talking out loud isn't such a bad thing because soon enough you realize it's much better to stop and find the spaces in between all that chatter. Before you know it your not cranky, the world looks beautiful, and your laughing at yourself. And you don't care if the people next to you think your an idiot! Try it next time you find yourself in a grumpy mood, it works.