Zimbie's Reverie

Today I'm wondering about our stories. You know, the things we experience in life and how they shape the way we view the world. There are stories of great joy, love, grief, despair, humor, all kinds of stories. I think we are more than just stories but maybe, more importantly, it's what we learn from them. We can choose to respond in so many different ways. Our elders have many more experiences and can grow to be very wise and share their stories to teach us. Or they may choose another path and become bitter, unkind and stingy with their time and caring. Sometimes the young ones are wiser. Sometimes they live a lot in a short time. They can use their story to help us see life differently. Maybe the wisest of all are the babies and the very old with wide open minds ready to experience life how it comes with out any judgement or expectations. I think I'm becoming less attached to my stories. They come, they go, they are there when needed but nothing to dwell upon or get stuck in most of the time. Hum, I guess all this wondering is just one long rambling story in itself.