Zimbie's Reverie

WARNING this can be messy. Don't try it unless you're up for some change. It's a time pulling technique. You reach up into the bottom of your time cone and grab it by the edges and start pulling the past, present and future through. They get all mixed up, tangled up and totally real. It gets uncomfortable. It gets tight and you may feel constrained, mixed up and uncertain if you're doing it right. If you give it a big tug and a lot of good stuff shakes out into the light. It's chaotic, it's frustrating and confusing, it's beautiful, it's freeing.  Next you let it all go and move into everything you were, are and will be all at once, you are living it all in the "now". I'm still working with so I'll keep you posted as we're moving through the whole mess and let you know what's up as it continues to shake out.