Zimbie's Reverie

I'm still waiting for Carrie to come back to me as she is not fully connected with her joy and fun loving spirit that I like to play around with. She is feeling her grief for family and missing her loved ones today. Coming to the realization that her world view is filtered through the grief she feels she will step back from the news for a while and offers this prayer to let that go. So I'll still be visiting every day but since I'm on her drawing screen we have to work together to get back in balance. It's time to let go of the politics and work with the personal for a while.

Carrie's prayer

May our leaders open to compassion.

May our leaders step into their roles with humility and respect for the power they have been given.

May our leaders look deep within and find their highest and best and make decisions from this place.

May our leaders hold all people in their hearts when faced with difficult decisions.

May our leaders know their weaknesses as well as their strengths.

May our leaders govern with the future generations in mind.

May I do the same.

May we all do the same.

I let it go into the universe.


I however KNOW that we are all capable of accomplishing amazing miracles and working together to live in a beautiful way! So we'll hold that thought and get working toward bringing in the joy.  Love you all, Zimbie❤️