Zimbie's Reverie

Today walking on the beach crow came and whispered in my ear:


"You are the water still, deep and silent in the pond reflecting light.

You are the water gently flowing downstream following its course.

You are the water rising over the stream banks washing away old shores lines.

You are the water surging in the ocean as the moon calls to you.

You are the water roaring over the cliff powerful and magnificent.

You are the water wild and tumultuous in the hurricane of change and healing.

You are the water frozen snowflakes gently falling making the new day sparkle in the light, fresh again.

You are water expressing its nature.  It's nature can be transmuted into any form for it is all water. Use your energy for peace and change toward the greatest good."


"Okay Crow," I said, "that sounds good, think I'll take this one on.  I think it's time to lean into life a bit more."