Zimbie’s Reverie


Are you in the brilliant blue sky behind the clouds or deep in the forest beneath the ferns?

Could you be in the loving eyes of a friend, or a stranger’s smile when we meet in the street?

Oh, you must be hiding across the Earth in a remote and beautiful land!

Maybe you’re in the refrigerator, at the laundry mat, in the bank, or concealed in the shopping cart.

Are you in the knowing of what we do not know, in the science lab, our guru, teacher, counselor, coach, or minister?

Seeking, remembering, loving, remembering, being remembering.

Aww, I see you once again here in my heart. Love, Gratitude and Grace waiting to be discovered yet again. Everyday a chance to go a little deeper recognizing what’s in me is in every being and every experience.

Beautiful cycles of life.

Zimbie’s Reverie


On the longest dark night this year we have a beautiful full moon lighting the sky. Bringing light into the darkness allows us to see where we can enlighten ourselves and our communities to a harmonious way of living. The best way I’ve found to make change begins with myself and the small choices I make everyday. I find being kind and thoughtful with the people I meet and myself, being conscientious about how I spend my time and money, how I honor Earths resources, and finding joy and fun everyday changes everything. It’s amazing how these small changes grow into big shifts and it all starts with how I choose to behave and think. When I look in the darkness I see the light most of the time and that’s where I find my joy. May you be happy and In-lightened. Have a joyous Solstice and Happy New Year!

Zimbie 11-21-18


Zimbie 11-21-18

You must be wondering what ever happened to Zimbie. I’ve been traveling far and wide across the universe exploring all kinds of amazing things and decided it’s time to come hang out with Carrie for a while. She occasionally gets discouraged with the state of the world and I’m here to have some fun and remind her to stay in her joy place when she forgets. She doesn’t forget very often anymore but I’m just saying we all need a little JOY lately.

You see when you stay in your joy place it’s contagious. Everyone who bumps up against you can find their joy place too. We all find our joy place in different ways and that’s the best part. Even though we’re all different we all have joy in us and when we can see it in each other magic happens!

If you celebrate Thanksgiving have a happy one and InJoy!

Zimbie's Reverie

Finally Carrie lets me off of the drawing board..she's been having too much fun painting, playing and generally fooling around to let me out. I started pestering her so we can hang out together.

Firstly I miss you guys and secondly I do understand that we all need to play and we have to encourage this sort of behavior but jeeze I've got to get out and about too!

While I've had so much time to my self I've been watching my mind. It's pretty entertaining in there. Thankfully it's getting much more quiet lately and giving me some space to just be without a lot of chatter. It's a relief to be honest!

Anyhow, I was asking my mind about mindfulness. What is a mindful mind? My mind says it's a quiet awareness, a being present in the moment but I'm not so sure. If I have quiet awareness my mind isn't involved and it doesn't think about being aware. It doesn't think about anything. Why is it mindfulness when it's an empty mind? My mind is not full it's spacious, expanded and I don't feel separate from anything like you do when your mind is full. I think I like the term empty headed. It's taken on a whole new meaning in my world.


Zimbie's Reverie

I woke up this morning thinking about love, how we love and why we love. ....and how when we let go of need and attachment love gets really big.

When we are content with ourselves there are no limitations. When we let ourselves love big there is a lot of freedom for growth and creativity.

I think many of us love children that way. Love them just as they are. See them perfect in all the messiness of growing up. I wonder why we don't allow space for all that messiness in adults. To be honest I'm not really clear what growing up means. Hopefully we never stop growing. It all a process, fun, hard, sticky, sad, joyful, darn interesting and always changing.

I really like the idea of letting loose of all my expectations, limitations and preconceived believes about what love should be and making room for love be everything it wants to be.


Zimbie's Reverie

The ability to perceive the passage of time is considered one of our senses. So of course this only encourages me to play with it. If we think of time as a fixed measure one option is to manipulate our sense of time. For example if you're driving down the road and your concerned about being late and your body starts to tense up. You may start to feel anxious and stressed out it's a perfect opportunity to stretch time and your perception of time.

This is how I do it. I take a deep breath and let my shoulders drop down. I start observing the scenery as I'm driving along and take in the beauty of it. I imagine the area all around me expanding and push out my personal space. Then I push out the time space seeing it make room for my travels. All this makes me feel relaxed and joyful. I feel a peacefulness settle my mind and body. By the time I get to where I'm going I'm either on time, the situation has shifted and it doesn't matter if I'm a little late or I'm in such a good mood everyone is happy to see me. It all works!

I have to confess though sometimes I loose track of time altogether. If I'm painting, reading, sculpting, wondering around the woods, mountains, desert or ocean time doesn't exist at all. That's why it's helpful to find these little time management tricks!


Zimbie's Reverie

Have you ever thought about what's it's like to experience something without any thoughts about what you're experiencing? We really don't do that except when we're little babies. It's like our brain starts comparing whatever we encounter with something similar from the past and we don't get a true picture of what it is. Imagine what it would be like to hear, touch, see, taste or smell something for the very first time and not compare it to anything - just experience it! ... And just think if we opened our minds up to all the other senses we have and don't even recognize the world would be something all together different than what we think we know it is!